The Beauty of Mount Bromo in the Opinion of People in the World

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Mount Bromo East Java Indonesia

Mount Bromo is an active mountain has a crater or also, called volcano. Mount Bromo is a located in the district of Probolinggo East Java. The height of this mountain above 7,641 ft from sea levels. This mount is included in the National Park Bromo Tengger Semeru (NPBTS) who covering four districts, that is Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Lumajang, and Malang. Of the four districts is also used as te acces for traveller at Bromo Mountain but most the preferred passing through the access of Probolinggo and Pasuruan districts, because of its location in a more strategic.

The people arround population at mount Bromo, they believe that is sacred mountain. So every year they make offerings called Kasaca ceremony. They perform the ceremony together with tradisional elders bringing offerings to the top of crater and then throw it to their God. And ended with a spell in the holy temple which is located at the side of mount Bromo. This ceremony they doing once on the night of the full moon according to the javanese calender.

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The reasons Bromo become a favorite destination of traveller in the world, Bromo mountain known sacred mountain and volcano and also have a perfect beauty. The shape mount Bromo like canyon, in the middle of the crater there is hole smoke. Mount Bromo adjoining with Batok Mountain who surrounded by a sea of sand and green hills towering sky. Usually the people to see the beauty of mount Bromo from the view point location (hill), it would appear like house of puppets. The most people preferred to explore the mount in the morning because besides watching the amazing view and they also hunt sunrise. When satisfied with the beauty of Mount Bromo From penanjakan hill, they go down Into a sea of sand, for go to bromo crater.

Journey to the crater bromo travelers can walk or ride a horse, from the sea of sand at a distance of up to 1 km. But before she reached the top of the crater, we climb on the stairs. after that, we will get to the rim of the crater bromo, to watch the bromo crater activity. The journey to the summit bromo crater from a sea of sand, we must require prime power, Because we passed a pile of sand so that adds to the burden when we walked. And usually traveller used bromo tour agen to booking Bromo tour package.

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A special time for a visit at Mount Bromo in the dry season, because of the disappointment that often felt the traveler when the weather is cloudy and fog. if you want to visit in Mount Bromo precisely in March until november. but we need to be aware of is the temperature at Mount Bromo colder than when the rainy season. because the cold temperatures at Mount Bromo in summer reaches 10 to 5 degrees Celsius. The main expectations during a visit at Mount Bromo is sunrise and view of Mount Bromo, batok mountain, semeru when we stand up on penanjakan hill.

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The main step if you want to visit in Mount Bromo, can be started from Surabaya, or Malang. Only takes about 3 hours by car to the village of ngadisari or Cemoro Lawang. there we spend the night in a hotel or villa. At the time of entering the national park of Mount Bromo, we are obliged to pay the entrance fee of Rp.317.500 for foreign tourists. To reach out to the spot attractions Mount Bromo, we are required to drive a jeep 4wd that has been provided by the residents around Mount Bromo


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The Beauty of Mount Bromo in the Opinion of People in the World
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