Bromo Midnight Tour Packages From Surabaya

This is scedule Bromo Midnight Tour:

  • 12.00 am picking you up at hotel or Airport Surabaya
  • Tranfer out to sukapura village (jeep station)
  • 2.30 am move from private car to the jeep and we go to view point
  • 4.00 am we go walk to top of penanjakan (desatance 1 km)
  • 4.30 am, we wait sunrise while enjoying hot drink (tea or coffe in keday)
  • 5.00 am exploration sunrise view and Bromo, semeru mt. Panoramice
  • 6.00 am back to the jeep, and we move to see of sand
  • 7.00 am exploration view of bromo and Batok from see of sand area.
  • 8.00 am continu, we go to savana hill and whespring sand.
  • 9.00 am exploration the beuty of savana hill and whespring sand
  • 10.00 am we back to jeep station
  • 11.00 am we stop in muslim restouran (Ayam Bawangan Restoran)
  • 12.00 pm we back to surabaya (aria hotel)
  • 03.00 pm tour finish

- private car during of travel
- private jeep during bromo trip
- bromo entrance fee (forign)
- speaking english tour guide
- mineral water
- tol and parking
- housepital mask

- lunch, and dinner
- hourse in bromo


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Bromo Midnight Tour Packages From Surabaya
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