Bromo Ijen Crater Tour Package 3 Days 2 Nights

Bromo Tour Package and Ijen Crater 3 days 2 nights you can get at a bargain price. This package is to have a long time .Visit Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater. Both natural attractions of this mountain is very famous among domestic and foreign tourists. Each has a uniqueness that no other place. We recommend to those of you who want to vacation sabaiknya your big family or coworkers with many participants who could be called a party. because the tour package for 3 days 2 nights will be meaningful or have the distinct impression when done with people nearby. No need to worry about all the facilities tour that we prepare for you, because all the equipment or the need to prepare carefully our tour. All this for the sake of the convenience of you who follow the tour with us. Because why? comfort and tourist satisfaction is our virtue.

Bromo Ijen Crater Tour Package 3 Days & 2 Night Schedule :

First Day
  • 11.00 am pick you up in air port or Hotel
  • Tanfer out to madakaripura water fall
  • 2.00 pm arrive in water fall parking area
  • take motor bike to entry 10 minute
  • 2.10 pm from entry walking in destance 1.5 km
  • 2.40 pm exploration in madakaripura water fall
  • 4.00 pm back to parking area
  • 5.00 pm derect to hotel
  • 6.00 pm check in and rest

Second Day
  • 2.00 am morning call, go to sukapura village (jeep station)
  • 2.30 am by jeep go to view point
  • 4.00 am from parking area walking to sunrise spot
  • enjoying sunrise view and bromo, mount batok, semeru panoramic from view point
  • 6.00 am going back to jeep and heading to see of sand
  • 7.00 am from see of sand walking or by horse to bromo vulcano
  • 8.00 am exploration on bromo vulcano
  • 8.30 am back to see of sand or to parking area
  • 9.00 am by jeep go to whespring sand and savana hill
  • 10.00 am return to hotel and breakfrast and packing
  • 11.00 am check out hotel in ijen

Third Day 
  • 12.00 am check out hotel and go to ijen parkir area (paltuding)
  • 2.00 am climbing up to ijen on top
  • 4.00 am exploration blue fire of natural phenomena
  • 5.00 am enjoying the view green lake and and vulcano
  • 7.00 am going back to parking area
  • 8.00 am tranfer out to Bayuwangi Town (port)
  • 10.00 drop off

Includes :
• Trasnport private full AC
• Hotel accommodations Bromo and Ijen crater
• Breakfast 2x
• Jeep in Bromo 4 locations
• Ticket to Bromo and Ijen crater
• Experienced Driver
• Guide a friendly and professional
• Fuel, toll and parking
• Mineral water

Excluded :
• Individual needs
• Horses in Bromo
• Ticket train / plane
• Lunch & dinner


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Bromo Ijen Crater Tour Package 3 Days 2 Nights
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