Bromo Rafting Package 2 Days 1 Night

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Bromo Rafting Tour Packages - Songa and Pekalen River is a river rafting in Probolinggo. Second place is very special and famous among tourists. The location is also used as a place outbound by students and nature lovers. For people who love the extreme, this attraction is suitable for a visit along closest associates to have fun with splashing water this rumor. Do not be afraid and worried, because at the existing location of the team that helps the course of rafting and prepare all the necessary equipment such as helmets, costumes, inflatable boats and others. Before doing rafting, participants will be warming up, briefing and do not forget to also pray. Bromo Rafting Package Tour lasts 2 days 1 night and tourists will play rafting after touring or hunting beauty Tourism Bromo.

Bromo Rafting Tour Package 2 Days 1 Night has a tour program that will help you are planning a vacation to Bromo have colleagues or your partner. Here's his itinerary

Bromo Rafting Tour Packages

bromo tour, bromo tour package, visit bromo from surabaya
The first day pick-up is done at the station or airport Surabaya / Malang towards basecamp rafting in Probolinggo which will take about 3 hours drive. On the way we stopped for a break and lunch in the restaurant which prepares meals typical of East Java's, then continued the trip. Once the rafting area, tour participants will warm up and briefing with professional rafting team that will guide you through rafting. Rafting game is done within 3 hours from start to finish. Once satisfied, return to base camp to change clothes and have lunch with co-yack. Rafting is finished we go towards the Hotel Bromo. Once the hotel, tour participants are free to do activities (the streets around the hotel to see the views of the hills). Dinner is done in restaurants around the hotel in Bromo and while coffee around the hotel. Is expected to maintain the health to do the Tour Bromo tomorrow morning. All equipment is prepared to keep yourself from the cold.

The second day Bromo Rafting Tour Package 2 days 1 night get ready to hunt the beauty of Bromo. Preparation is done at 3 in the morning. Continue to Mount Penanjakan1 using 4WD vehicles or hardtop that would take a half hour trip. Once the location of parking, direct tourists to the view point where meliatnya scenic sunrise will be guided by our professional guide. When finished enjoy the view of sunrise we headed to the crater of Bromo. Travelers do softtrekking or use the services of motorcycles horse then menitih rung bromo crater lip to see firsthand the crater of Mount Bromo directly. Bromo crater we headed to the Mount Savana - Teletubbies garden. Here we are the green pastures and beautiful. Finish enjoy the green scenery we headed to Whispering Sands Bromo. Sand that is not encountered in any other place except in the middle east. Once we menik die every tour we headed straight to the Hotel Bromo using hardtop. Once the hotel, tourists do breakfast and then get ready to check out of our hotel to deliver back to the airport Malang / Surabaya or the last place you visit. Bromo Tour Rafting completed.

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Bromo Rafting Package 2 Days 1 Night
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