Mt Bromo, Malang Batu, Sempu Island Tour Package

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Bromo Malang Sempu Island Tour Package attractions blend of mountain with marine tourism that lasted 4 days 3 nights. This holiday is more than enough to eliminate fatigue. The reason this vacation package is included in the category of long holiday. A little review about Sempu island. Sempu island located in the southern district. Malang. That is, the island is located on the south coast. Obak waves not too tight due to the island in front of the beach such as caves and small islands. Uniquely this tiny beach to the attention of tourists from various parts of the world. Not a few foreign touris visit Sempu island's coast.

Sempu island tour packages Bromo Malang, East Java

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The first day pick up from the meeting point directly to the place perlabuhan Sendang Biru. Lunch on the spot and immediately prepare to do the crossing using fishing boats heading to the island Sempu. Once the island Sempu proceed immediately softtrekking heading tillers which takes about 3 hours drive. Arrived at immediately tillers, tourists set up a tent as a resting place. Size tents as needed. Travelers can berekspolasi start dai 19.00 to finish around the campsite

Day 2 to explore the ocean tillers in the early morning around 5 tourists begin to enjoy the scenic beauty of puppies immediately. Finished enjoying the view back menjuju tent to pack up and getting ready to go to the beach for a boat crossing the Sendang Biru. Arrive at Sendang Biru we go to Batu Malang to check in hotels around the city Stone. Rest and free program.

Day 3 Breakfast at the hotel and at the same time preparing to check out for exploring several tourist attractions in the city such Batu; Java Park2, Garden Pick Apples, Waterfall Coban Rondo. There is also we will be heading to the shopping center or the city center by the typical stone for souvenirs at home. Done tourist exploring Batu Malang, we directly go to Bromo area. Check-in and free program.

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Day 4 Sunrise Bromo Tour performed at 3 am today, tourists get ready to travel to the climbing use hardtop that takes about 30 minutes. Once climbing You are free to take pictures and enjoy the view of the Bromo amazing sunrise. Done at climbing we headed to the crater of Mount Bromo. Hardtop will be in the parking lot and you will do softtrekking or can also hire taxis horses to look directly Bromo crater. Crater finished, we headed to Whispering Sands Savana Bromo and Mount Bromo. After all the tour are met, go to the hotel for breakfast and check out to continue the journey into place (meeting point you)

Bromo Malang Sempu Tour Pakcage

• Private transport during the tour
• Bbm, tolls, parking
• Driver plus a professional guide
• Local Guide in Sempu
• Hotel accommodations Bromo and Stone
• The boat crossing
• Tent according to the number of participants
• Admission all attractions
• hardtop in Bromo
• Breakfast at hotel
• Mineral water on the way

• Individual needs
• Lunch and dinner
• Horses in Bromo

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Mt Bromo, Malang Batu, Sempu Island Tour Package
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