Mt Bromo, Songa Rafting and Ijen Crater Tour Package

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Mount Bromo, Ijen Crater and Songa Rafting Tour Package 3 days 2 nights, vacation long enough. Attractions in this package very attractive. In general, the most visited tourist attraction is just the mountains. However, on this occasion will be combined with the attraction Songa Rafting / river Pekalen. Namely river rafting located in Probolinggo. To be eligible for this tour must be at least five participants in one group. No need to worry with rafting equipment, the entire facility has been prepared by a team of local rafting. Start gear paddles, life vest, helmet, boat boot, to consumption after the completion of activities. Before doing this extreme tour, all candidates will advance briefing together with an experienced guide ranging from physical to mental preparation. Travel program Bromo Ijen Rafting Tour Package 3 days 2 nights below may assist you who want to travel to three places this attraction.

Bromo, Songa Rafting and Ijen Crater Tour Packages  Tour Program

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The first day Travel Tour Rafting Songa. 9 am from the station / airport Surabaya or Malang or from the meeting point directly to the location Arum rapids in the southern town of Probolinggo. Rafting in Probolinggo Tourism maximum of 3 hours is enough to wade the stream Pekalen including all preparation and lunch. Afternoon headed to the hotel in Ijen crater. Arriving in the area Ijen crater immediately check in and do break / free program. Dinner can be directly booked at the hotel. All arrangements including physical preparation to be prepared to climb the next day.

The second day of Ascent Travel Ijen Crater. 3 am you will be escorted towards Paltuding or parking area. Then you will climb about 3km to see Ijen crater directly. Finished viewing the crater directly towards the parking area to be delivered back to the hotel. Bath and cleaning up to go to get to the hotel in Bromo area which will take the travel time of about 5 hours drive. middle of the road will pause for lunch. Arriving at the hotel directly check in for a break / free program and diner at a nearby restaurant.

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The third day did eksplore Bromo Tour. Preparation is done at 3 am traveling towards climbing 1 using a hardtop which will take about 45 minutes. Arrive at your climbing will disugukan Bromo sunrise will spoil the eye. Done in climbing directly toward Bromo crater. Hardtop will lead to a parking area near the crater of Bromo. Kemuadian you will do softtrekking or hire a horse. Ketia up in the crater of Mount Bromo, can directly enjoy the view of the crater directly. Crater already, straight into Whispering Sand Hill Savana and once completed, go to the hotel using a hardtop for breakfast and get ready to check out to go straight back to the meeting point you. Along the way, we headed to the restaurant for lunch. Bromo Ijen Rafting Tour Package 3 days 2 nights completed.

Bromo, Ijen, and Rafting Tour Packages 3h 2m

Included :
  • Private car transport according to the number of participants
  • Driver plus a professional guide
  • Hotel accommodation in Bromo and Ijen
  • Fuel, tolls, and parking
  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Hardtop in Bromo
  • Rafting equipment
  • Mineral water during the trip tour
Not included :
  • Individual needs
  • Horses in Bromo
  • Lunch and dinner

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Mt Bromo, Songa Rafting and Ijen Crater Tour Package
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