List of Hotels in Bromo, Malang, Ijen

List of Hotels in Bromo, Malang, Ijen

Some partners who have joined our travel services in the field of tourism, especially in tourist guesthouse or hotel we have prepared to support the needs of tourists. Various hotels available ranging from upper class to middle-class, it is certainly to be able to choose according to the needs of travelers during the tour trip feel comfortable and satisfied.

Some hotels that have joined with us :

Hotels in Bromo :
  • Cemara Indah Hotel
  • Bromo Permai Hotel
  • Lava View Hotel
  • Nadia Hotel
  • Yoschi Hotel

Hotels in Batu Malang :
  • De Daunan Hote
  • Sualawah Hotel
  • Padi City Resort

Hotels in Kawah Ijen :
  • Catimor Homestay
  • Arabica Homestay
  • Ijen Resort

From the list above you can choose a hotel according your vacation and Travel needs confirmation to us immediately
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Rent Car to Bromo

Rent Car to Bromo

BROMOVACATION.COM provide rent car for tourists who want to visit some of the attractions that exist in especially Mount Bromo in East Java. Our experienced driver in the field of tourism, foreign tourists not to worry because our employees are friendly and have mastered the English language to be able to talk with the tourists in order to communicate well and meet the demand of tourists. Below are some types of cars that can be rented based on the number of people according to your request.

MPV/Van (6 Seats)
  • Avanza
  • Daihatsu Xenia
  • Toyota Kijang Innova
  • Suzuki APV
  • Toyota Kijang LGX
  • Mitsubishi L300
  • Daihatsu Luxio
Small Bus (8 - 10 Seats)
  • Isuzu Elf Long
  • Toyota Hiace
Medium Size Bus (16 - 24 Seats)
Big Size Bus (34 - 44 Seats)
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Bromo Tour - Bromo Tour Package

Bromo Tour - Bromo Tour Package

Bromo Tour - Vacation to the Bromo is the right moment for travelers coming from outside the city and outside the country. Why do we say so?, Because in addition to having a bromo has a natural beauty that is second to none, there also has its own characteristics ranging from language support, ethnicity and culture. The visitors are usually a lot of Surabaya, Malang, Yogyakarta and even from the capital city of Jakarta. Most visitors tour bromo come from big cities will get tired of the crowds that traveled just want to enjoy the cool air and panoramic views of the natural attractions bromo. Although there are many in the city of their origin several attractions, holiday bromo is to be the ultimate goal for people in Bromo Tengger tribe especially famous for its hospitality so that the visitors who come to the bromo no longer reluctant to visit with colleagues or family.

Bromo Tour - Bromo Tour Package

Mount Bromo Travel in objects there are 4 different locations different that make us amazed. As for the four locations are:
  • Penanjakan
Penanjakan is where the tourists early in the morning around 4 am gathered to see the beauty of the appearance of the plots of sunrise from the east, the moment this is called bromo sunrise and eagerly awaited by travelers just take pictures or take pictures selfie. Mount Semeru can be seen from Penenjakan,  Mount Bathok and Bromo Crater surrounded by a wavy white fog so very beautiful when in view of the eyes. To go to Penanjakan in the compulsory use of the Jeep / special hardtop that had been prepared by the group of tribal societies Tengger with rents of about 600 thousand rupiah. 
  • Bromo crater
Bromo crater is a crater which is still active, so if we are going to approach the crater sulfur smell. To go to the Bromo crater, from our jeep parked as far as 2 km walk or use a horse rental service stairs leading to the approximately 250 steps before the crater.
  • Savanna Bukit (Hill Teletubbies)
Savanna hills or hill known as teletubbies is a green hill, which looks very beautiful hills and bumpy. The best moments are in the rainy season because turf grass will grow green surrounding hills.
  • Whispering sand (Pasir Berbisik)
Whispering sand here is an undulating sand, if the sand closer listen will sound, the sound caused by the strong winds that will cause a murmur.

That's the fourth location in the attraction of Mount Bromo, if you want to visit Bromo or holidays, here there are also some Bromo Tour Package which we summarize with some existing attractions in East Java.
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