Bromo Tour Package 2 days 1 night from Surabaya or Yogyakarta

Bromo Tour Package 2 days 1 night from Surabaya or Yogyakarta

Bromo Tour Package 2 days 1 night - Tourism Bromo very pleasant indeed, some foreign tourists want to visit the mount bromo as the most amazing natural beauty. Sunrise is the moment of seed that can hypnotize the visitors. Various visitors from around the world ranging from Asia, Europe, to America. beauty of Mount Bromo inviting tourists from various countries. if you want to Bromo Vacation cultivated booked a package with accommodations that have been agreed before the departure of your tour, of course, can make the journey comfortable with our travel agent.

Bromo Tour Package Tour Bromo is a plan that we provide to you with a friendly course facilities and services are maximized. From this collaboration we will be more useful among each other. For more details, here is intenari Bromo Tour Package 2 days 1 night:

1 First Day
  • Pickup from Surabaya / Malang in the morning or during the day with a trip of approximately 3 hours to get to hotel / inn in the bromo
  • Check in Hotel Bromo
  • free program

2 Day Two
  • Bromo Tour Packages, Around 03.00 am, you will be at the wake by the hotel clerk to prepare all the equipment that will be brought to the Penanjakan to driving a Jeep / hardtop which have been prepared by us to see the beauty of sunrise in bromo
  • After of climbing still driving the Jeep will be brought down in the parking lot of the desert, from there you can rent a horse trekking or stairs leading to the crater of bromo
  • Jeep back to the parking lot and then transfer back to hotel
  • Arriving at the hotel have been provided a full breakfast
  • Preparation for Check out
  • You will be in between back to the airport and Station in Surabaya or Malang
  • Tour finishes.

Bromo Tour Package With Cheap intenari above, planing Tourists visiting Bromo is understandable stages or trip that will be done during the course of the Tour Bromo 2 Days 1 Night this. Coming to order Travel Package Tour well before your departure, in order to Tour and Travel we can easily book lodging or hotel accommodation every attractions.
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Bromo Midnight Tour Package 12 Hours from Surabaya or Yogyakarta

Bromo Midnight Tour Package 12 Hours from Surabaya or Yogyakarta

Bromo Midnight Tour Package - Cheap Holidays 12 hours Bromo, Bromo Travel is the package for 12 hours. Vacation Travel heading to Mount Bromo area from Surabaya or Malang, takes about 3 hours drive if the situation smoothly. Cheap package but full of adventure with the beautiful scenery at several locations in bromo, will make your holiday more exciting and memorable.

Travel Tour Bromo - Bromo Midnight is the time not too long, it is suitable for you who have limited time without reserve your accommodation will immediately be picked up by our driver and guide in a place that has been set. Bromo Midnight Tour Package This is a practical tour cheap also can cure you of boredom or by a flurry of activity every day.

For more details, here's a trip intenari Bromo Midnight Tour Package :

Pick Up from Surabaya / Malang - Bromo Travel
  • Our driver will pick you up at 12 o'clock at night with a private car at the station, airport or hotel in Surabaya / Malang heading to the terminal Jeep / hardtop in the Sukapura to travel about 3 hours
  • Arriving at the terminal Jeep / hardtop then shift gears to drive your Jeep will transfer to Penanjakan to see Bromo Sunrise
  • After of Penanjakan in between down into the parking area in a sea of ​​sand of Mount Bromo, from here you can walk or rent a horse wearing stairs leading to the Bromo crater totaling 250 steps.
  • Our Jeep in the parking area waiting to take you to the Mount Savana or Teletubbies
  • From the Mount Savana, there is one more location in the Pasir Berbisik visit
  • Once satisfied visited some of the places, you will be escorted to the original Jeep toward the terminal car park
  • Back to the car and will be in between the driver we headed to Station, Airport or Hotel in Surabaya / Malang
  • Bromo Midnight Tour finish

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Bromo Tour Package For Christmas and New Year 2015

Bromo Tour Package Christmas And New Year 2015 - Bromo Tour on Christmas Day and New Year holidays Bromo or at the time of Christmas and New Year is the most awaited moment awaited by the tourists to visit the region of Mount Bromo Travel. Tourist attractions that this is indeed the main attraction which is quite a lot, especially at holiday time or the other holidays Bromo Travel the road to become bogged down long enough by the visitors who want to fill their holiday. But you should not worry, the congestion occurs only at night during New Year's Eve, the enthusiasm of people who want to see the fireworks which was held at Mount Bromo.
Bromo Tour Package

Bromo holiday Christmas New Year's Day become a major event to celebrate / enliven the New Year's party in 2015, Bromo Visitors come in all circles and the areas like of Malang, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Bandung and Jakarta. All citizens of Indonesia are both adults, youth and children will enliven the Christmas holidays this year Bromo. Bromo travel to celebrate Christmas with family, friends / colleagues or spouse will be more memorable during the holiday period.

Bromo Tour Package for Christmas and New Year is a program that we made ​​for those who wish to order a variety of existing accommodation in Bromo, like pick-up station, airport or hotel in Surabaya and Malang area, Jeep rentals, lodging or hotel or accommodation in Bromo others are in need during the Tour Bromo. We as Bromo Tour Travel Agency, has been working with the owner Lodging / Hotels and Jeep rental services to facilitate the booking at a time you specify. Besides the price is cheaper and practical, will be noticeably quieter during the holiday lasts.
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Bromo Tour Packages

Bromo Tour Packages

Bromo Tour Package

Mount Bromo is a convenient stop for travelers between Bali and Surabaya, and the most popular of all tourist destinations in East Java, this active 2,392-meter (7.85-foot) high volcano lies 112 kilometers (70 miles), about three hours , southeast of Surabaya. Enclosed by perpendicular walls 350 meters (1,150 feet), Bromo amazing 2,200 meters (7,220 feet) high caldera 'sand sea' has three mountains within it, craters within the large crater, the Bromo Semeru Massif. There are also three small crater lakes inside the larger crater, with waterfowl and excellent hiking. The ideal time to visit is in the dry season (April to November) when you have a better chance to see the blood-red sunrise in the rainy season, you might as well sleep late and take a walk on the sand of the sea during the warmer part of the day, after heavy fog had been spellbound. The temperature at the top of Bromo is around 5 degrees (40 degrees), in July, it can drop to 0 degrees (32 degrees), so dress warmly. Three times a year, the site is overrun by tourists in February when an annual festival takes place, during Christmas, and during the months of July and August. So plan your visit for another time if you do not like crowds. From the top view of Mount Bromo is an active Semeru, the highest mountain in Java.
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